Lectures and Public Engagement

Are you looking for an expert to speak to your community about the Bible and related literature? 

Dr Natalie Mylonas offers public speaking and professional development services. To find out more information and express your interest:

Invited public lecture for Sisters of Our Lady of Sion Australia, “The Biblical Prophets from Jewish and Christian Perspectives,” May 2023

In this lecture, Dr Natalie Mylonas gives an overview of the prophets from Jewish and Christian perspectives. Mylonas discusses the genre of prophecy, what makes a prophet, some female and male prophets including Miriam, Anna, Elijah, and Ezekiel, and touches on the relationship between prophecy and ecstasy in its ancient Near Eastern context. 

The Emerald podcast episode, “Neck Hairs of the Shapeshifter,” March 2022

Shapeshifting is nearly universal to global mythic tradition. The myths of the world feature shapeshifting gods, shapeshifting animals, shapeshifting spirits, and, of course, shapeshifting people who assume the forms of tigers, bears, wolves, eagles, and more. The prevalence of shapeshifting in myth challenges our assumptions about the static nature of selfhood. Yet even from the scientific view, we are shapeshifters. We contain multitudes of beings within us — we are at once fish, bird, mammal, reptile, and more. Understanding and connecting to this permeable, malleable self was key for our ancestors for many thousands of years, as we learned about things primarily by becoming them in states of conjunctive trance. Shapeshifting, accomplished through the animal dance, through the assumption of the animal form in states of ecstasy, formed the foundation of  how we learned, communicated, and cultivated empathy for the world. In a world that has turned its back on the sensate animal body, shapeshifting is more important than ever, as it offers a way back to a deep relationship with the living world. Simon Thakur of Ancestral Movement and Biblical Scholar Dr. Natalie Mylonas join us for this episode on shapeshifting, conjunctive knowing, and the sensate body.

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